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The African National Congress (ANC) has noted the statement delivered today by the Minister of Sports and Recreation, Comrade Fikile Mbalula, on behalf of the South African government in response to the recent allegations that South Africa and its government had paid bribes to secure rights to host the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

We welcome the affirmation by the Minister that the South African government did not pay any bribe to secure the World Cup, rather that the rights were secured on the superior strength of the South African bid, the hard work of the people of South Africa and Africa as well as the support received from other Federations who voted in favour of Africa to be afforded an opportunity to host the sporting spectacle.

The ANC takes great pride in the practical action taken by South Africa, through government and the South African Football Association (SAFA), to support the development of Africa and African football. In the explanation provided by the Minister, South Africa explicitly delivered on its mission to ensure that the hosting of the World Cup benefitted Africa as a whole and Africans in the Diaspora as per the commitment made by our country that it would be an African World Cup. It is unfortunate that our commitment to the cause of the African Renaissance is today being distorted and insinuations being levelled against our country and its people.

The African National Congress urges the American authorities to speedily respond to our government's call to be provided with proof to support these allegations of bribery and corruption being insinuated.

Issued by ANC

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