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Congress of the People has had it with President Zuma. His appointment of Major General Ntlemeza as the new Head of the Hawks is a cynical, arrogant and damaging abuse of power. This appointment is a damning indictment on the ruling party.

Pretoria High Court Judge Elias Matojane characterised Major General Ntlemeza as dishonest and lacking in integrity and honour. The honourable judge observed, “In my view, the conduct of the third respondent (Ntlemeza) shows that he is biased and dishonest. To further show that the third respondent is dishonest and lacks integrity and honour, he made false statements under oath”. This is as career limiting as it can get.

President Zuma and the ANC, however, have set themselves up as rulers and abandoned even the merest pretence at ethical and constitutional governance. The state serves the President and the ANC, not the people of South Africa.

On top of one disastrous appointment on top of another, the President and the ANC learns nothing and forgets everything. The same administration that destroyed the Scorpions is now intentionally hamstringing the Hawks. We now have another head of the Hawks with the sword dangling over his head. Any moves on his part to investigate the President and the sword will fall.

Congress of the People has had it with a President who has dropped the moral bar and who holds office wilfully to destroy the institutions of the state and to empty the state coffers.

Like us, all law-abiding citizen of our country should question this appointment that lacks all logic. It is so patently irrational.

The moment that Anwar Dramat intended to investigate the President, the chequebook came out and Dramat went out. What a scandal!

COPE reiterates that total integrity has to prevail in the upper echelons of the Police’s Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation to combat rampant crime successfully. In the absence of true leadership which manifests credibility and stability, the criminal syndicates in our country will take advantage and the battle against crime will fail hopelessly.

COPE demands that the President reviews this appointment. If he fails to comply it will amply prove that he cares nothing whatsoever about the country nor the broader interests of society. He will have demonstrated once again that all he cares about is covering his back.

Issued by Dennis Bloem on behalf of COPE

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