September 19, 2015

Obsessed with IFP – IFP

IFPFloyd Shivambu Must Stop Being Obsessed With The IFP

“Instead of campaigning for SRC votes Floyd Shivambu decided to provoke the IFP by saying he is amazed that there are students who belong to the IFP Student wing, SADESMO. We take his comments very serious because he is provoking us. How he can say that the IFP has no political value as it is the fourth largest political party in South Africa? What is he saying about his party who only got two seats in the KZN Legislature while the IFP has nine seats? Shivambu should focus on trying to promote his party rather than talking about the IFP which is over forty years in politics. He should know that the socialist policies of the EFF have failed in other parts of the world and would not succeed in South Africa,” said IFP National Chairperson, Mr Blessed Gwala.

“He has shown that he disrespects his leader, Julius Malema who apologised to our president for what he said and promised that there would be no discord between our two parties. We don’t know whether Shivambu was acting according to instructions from his party or on his own behalf as individual. People like Shivambu are the ones who create unnecessary political tensions due to their inflammatory statements,” continued Mr Gwala.

“How often has the IFP been criticised by political pundits who prematurely penned our obituary? For many years the IFP’s imminent demise has been predicted, yet we entered democracy as a fourth largest political party. Even when journalists interview IFP leaders and ask things like: “How is the party going to reverse its decline?” or: “Can the IFP make a comeback?” I wonder whether they follow the news at all, and why they don’t question the infallibility of their cue cards which parrot the “political analysts”.” concluded Mr Gwala.
The IFP cautions Floyd Shivambu that his inflammatory comments do not bode well for peace and political stability and he should desist from provoking our youth.

Issued by IFP

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