Zuma’s gangster cronyism undermines the fight against crime – Mmusi Maimane

Mmusi MaimanePresident Jacob Zuma’s alleged cosy relations with Western Cape gangsters, in order to influence the 2011 Election, underscores the moral bankruptcy of his leadership and his lack of care for communities who suffer from gangsterism and drug related crimes. This is a new low for a broken President who regards South Africa and its safety as a secondary priority in his bid to cling to power.

The allegations that President Zuma may have used his political influence to deter the South African Revenue Service (SARS) from taking action against certain gangsters in exchange for their political support represents a serious violation of Section 4 of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act, 2004.

The DA will therefore be taking the following actions to ensure that the truth comes to light and the President is held to account:

  1. Lodging a complaint with the SARS Corruption Hotline asking for a full investigation into the matter.
  2. Submitting parliamentary questions to the Presidency asking for details on the alleged meeting.
  3. Submitting parliamentary questions to the Minister of Finance regarding the alleged interference at SARS.

Thousands of innocent South Africans are killed by gangs and gang violence every year, yet President Zuma would rather cosy up to gangsters than deal decisively with the scourge of gangsterism.

In the Western Cape, gangsters destroy lives and communities, while desperate pleas by the Western Cape Government to Zuma’s National Government for action against gangsters have been repeatedly rebuffed.

For many years the DA has called on the President and the Police Minister to improve policing of gangs and drug crime in the Western Cape, yet they have turned a blind eye. It is now clear why.

Jacob Zuma has selfishly and uncaringly placed his own electoral interests before the safety of millions of South Africans who live in crime-ridden communities. Zuma would rather win an election, than win the war against gangs and drugs.

This is another clear example of how the President’s commitment to putting the ANC first comes at a high price for ordinary South Africans. The DA will not allow the safety and security of citizens to be compromised by a self-serving ANC government.

Issued by Mmusi Maimane

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