EFFThe EFF welcomes and supports the third annual Johannesburg People’s Pride event happening today, because we recognize that all forms of oppression matter. Black people in this country are oppressed on many levels: they are landless, poor, unemployed and are constantly discriminated against based on their sexual orientation and identity, amongst others. At the center of this sexual violence in this country, is theplight of lesbian women who continue to be raped as means to “correct” their sexuality. These and other victims of violence based on sexual identity receive hostile treatment when they seek help from the police and healthcare workers. Our society, organizations and institutions form part of the daily violence against victims of sexual abuse.

The support of the Joburg People’s Pride is further informed by the EFF Founding Manifesto which states that we are, “against the oppression of anyone based on their gender, gender expression, or sexual orientation, meaning that we are against patriarchy, sexism, and homophobia in all of its manifestations.”

We recognize that black gender non-conforming people are further marginalized within the economy as it relates to job, entrepreneurial and educational opportunities. The EFF’s call for economic freedom in our lifetime must therefore be understood to also mean economic freedom for those who are marginalized on the basis of their sexual identity. Economic freedom will never be complete and it is incomprehensible without the equal emancipation of all who are oppressed on the basis of sexual orientation and identity.

To build a human world is to protect the most human thing in all of us, and that is freedom. Society must protect and embrace the freedom of all to choose their sexual identity and orientation.


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