Cope LogoCONGRESS of the People is furious that Minister Faith Muthambi is planning to waste even more taxpayers’ money to appeal the decision of the Western Cape High Court. Judge Dennis Davis ruled that Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s appointment, as the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s COO, was ‘unlawful and irrational’.

What is it that Faith Muthambi does not understand about that judgment?

She blithely ignored the findings of the Public Protector against Hlaudi Motsoeneng when she appointed him as COO with indecent haste and without exercising her mind one tiny bit. Anyone would have told her that her action was irrational. COPE condemned her action vociferously at the time.

Furthermore, she violated all of the codes of good governance. A Minister of State should act in the interest of the people and should therefore appoint persons who are fit and proper for the job. Anyone with a finding against him or her should remain altogether out of contention. She had no basis in law for appointing Motsoeneng.

The Appeal Court should regard any approach by the Minister on this clear cut ruling by Judge Dennis Davies as vexatious and should make her personally liable for all costs.

COPE will examine what action to take against the Minister for the loss of any state money because of her further irrational, wilful and futile decision to appeal a sound and clear cut decision.

Faith Muthambi should apologise to the nation for her unlawful and irrational decision in appointing Motsoeneng as COO and she should tender her resignation immediately thereafter. She is an embarrassment to our constitutional state.

Issued by COPE

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