Patricia De LilleNews that Marius Fransman is being investigated by the SAPS for sexual assault demands that he be immediately suspended by the ANC.

The ANC must act against its loose cannon Western Cape leader, or be seen to approve of his alleged sexual assault.

The desperate fight in South Africa against the scourge of sexual and domestic abuse is tragically undermined when party political leaders face criminal charges for these exact crimes.

Fransman’s checkered record shows that he is not fit to hold office in any political party. Fransman’s connections to Western Cape gangsters have showed him to be an unscrupulous politician who takes advantage of people for his own gain.

Sexual assault charges against Fransman must be investigated by the SAPS, but the ANC must immediately suspend Fransman for this latest scandal around its beleaguered Western Cape leader.

There is no place for sex offenders in the seats of high political office.

Issued by Patricia de Lille on behalf of DA


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