Sefu1My message to entrepreneurs (Especially Black Entrepreneurs) for 2016 is that, we need to create brands. Accumulation as a goal sucks, accumulation as a consequence of creation is beyond powerful.

We need to create legacy entities that has a potential to be globalized.
Our creations are scattered and too far apart.

As Black people we will not be respected because of more Black director at JSE or Government is giving most of its business to black owned entities.

I’m convinced that, only by creating and building brands that covers all areas of Human need, can we own our own space and compete as equals.

You cannot expect someone who employs you, feeds you, baths you, changes your nappies and puts the roof on your head to give you the freedom you need.

By creating I mean Innovation and Creativity that is commercialized to serve people’s needs.



By Sefu Sekgala

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  1. WOW! This guy should be the president!! Compare this vision of wealth creation and prosperity vs the ANC/EFF land grab, BBEEE and all the other theft that goes on to try and appease voters and transfer wealth.



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