The Economic Freedom Fighters notes that the National Chairperson of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Advocate Dali Mpofu is Legal Counsel for Gareth Cliff in a civil case against MNET. The EFF acknowledges Advocate Mpofu’s professional right and obligation to represent whomsoever approaches and briefs him on any issue that relates to Law. In our view, Professionals carry an obligation to provide any form of professional assistance to all people, irrespective of their race, prejudices and background.

Nevertheless, the EFF holds a view that Gareth Cliff’s defence of Penny Sparrow’s racist remarks represents the worst form of racism. The EFF believes that Gareth Cliff is a racist, who holds white supremacist views consciously and sub-consciously. This was previously manifested through his insult to and celebration of a sad reality that an African family lost a loved one in late Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang. In true African traditions and respect, such is not done, but can only be done by unreconstructed and uncultured racists who have no respect of black people and their traditions.

Gareth Cliff recent defence of Penny Sparrow’s reference to blacks as monkeys and her despise of the black skin on the basis that it’s freedom of speech is totally unacceptable. Defending Penny Sparrow’s racist and dehumanizing statements against black people as a freedom of speech represents racist ignorance and supremacist attitude, which we are opposed to as the EFF. The non-apology given by Gareth Cliff is noted but it does not change that his prompt reaction to the dehumanizing and racist statements of Penny Sparrow was that she must be defended for freedom of speech. Freedom of Speech is never absolute and beneficiaries of white racism in SA should never be used this right as justification of their racist utterances.

The EFF’s National Chairperson’s representation of a racist Gareth Cliff does not mean that the EFF defends racism. Lawyers and Advocates have a legal obligation to fulfill their professional duties and the EFF will not prevent professionals from performing their duties.

Our commitment and political programme to fight racism and white supremacy whenever such represents itself will continue. The EFF is a true vanguard of all anti-racism struggles in South Africa in all its individual and institutional manifestation. We remain resolute in the fight against racism and we shall never retreat, nor surrender! ‪#‎RacismMustFall‬!



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