Fransman and Jacobs’ sacking a first step to clean out ANC criminality – DA

DANews of the ANC Luthuli House instruction for Marius Fransman and Faiez Jacobs to step down, must be seen as an attempt by the ANC to clean-house at a time when its reputation is in tatters.

Fransman’s axing from political leadership could not be delayed any longer, as the beleaguered leader lurches from scandal to scandal.

As the face of the ANC in the Western Cape, Fransman has shown the ANC to ignore sex crime allegations, nepotism claims, gang connection scandals and votes-for-cash accusations all revolving around Marius Fransman.

His removal today by Luthuli House is a first step to clean out the criminality in the ANC Western Cape, but there is a long way to go.

ANC Western Cape Secretary Faiez Jacobs returned to work while facing serious assault charges and the ANC could not delay any longer in acting against him. Images of ANC staff member Wesley Seale show blood pouring down his face allegedly at the hands of Jacobs, yet the ANC this week allowed Jacobs to remain in office.

However, while acting against Fransman and Jacobs, the ANC is refusing to act against their MP Bongi Mkongi who remains at work after threatening and encouraging others to burn people alive in the building which housed the Zuma Must Fall billboard, showing that the ANC does not act steadfastly against criminality.

In Beaufort West, ANC Mayor Truman Prince remains in office while engulfed by a corruption and illicit party funding scandal. The DA has today laid criminal charges against Prince, yet the ANC has done nothing to act against him.

Until such time as all criminal acts and allegations are taken seriously by the ANC, it will be seen for what it is: an organisation that protects and fosters criminal conduct.

We call on the ANC in Luthuli House to effect the same ruling on Bongi Mkongi and Truman Prince immediately.

The ANC in the Western Cape stands in stark contrast to the DA in the Western Cape; in government we continue to improve the lives of people, through clean and effective governance that delivers opportunities. We represent the values of freedom, fairness and opportunity in all that we do.

Issued DA

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