In September 2014 the city of Tshwane in collaboration with the white racist owned companies Sony Entertainment and Rockstar4000 have arranged a fatal 65 million concert that was going to be hosted in Dinokeng in Cullinan.

One of the artists that was set to perform on that event was an American Singer & Model Nicki Minaj. According to the City of Tshwane Nicki Minaj was paid 10 Million upfront deposit. Because of lack of proper planning by the city of Tshwane under the leadership of the ANC and their white alliance organisations Sony Entertainment & Rockstar4000 the event was cancelled with 65 million spent already by the Municipality.

However the EFF wards concern is the 10 million money that was deposited to the American model’s account for doing nothing. We don’t have any problem with the ANC leaders’ obsession with American artists as we all know the likes of Fikile Mbalula on Beyonce and now currently the mayor of Tshwane Kgosientso Sputla Ramokgopa has joined this uncontrollable obsession with Nicki Minaj at the expense of the tax payers’ money.
The 10 million rands that was paid to Nicki Minaj was supposed to have made a huge difference in Tshwane, particularly the people who live in the surrounding areas of Dinokeng as the people of that area lack basic service delivery such as water and sanitation, proper houses, electricity, roads and infrastructure and it must be noted that the people of that area are swimming in a pool of poverty and joblessness.

We want to make it clear to Nicki Minaj’s fans including fighters that we do not have any problems with Nicki Minaj’s music in fact some of us are fans of Nick Minaj and we have no intentions to boycott her concerts but rather wish her well. However the principle here is our cardinal pillar no: 7 which is accountability. We also wish to encourage all South Africans to give our local artists the same support they give to the western artists.
The EFF wants to call on the City of Tshwane to meet with Nicki Minaj’s management that is currently in South Africa for their upcoming concerts. We hope that their meeting will be short as their agenda will be the 10 million credit owed to the tax payers pocket. Failure to do that the EFF wards will make sure that the matter does not die a natural death and it will be on top of the agenda when the EFF takes over Tshwane municipality in August.

The EFF has noticed multiple practices of corruption and money laundering activities of the ANC leadership in Tshwane. We want to promise our people that the EFF wards are coming into the council and business will never run as usual anymore. We call on people of Tshwane to reject this corrupt leadership of the former liberation movement who are baptized with corruption, not even a prayer can change them but a change in voting EFF will do.
In conclusion the EFF in Tshwane encourages people to go and register to vote on the 09th & 10th April 2016 as it is the final registration weekend as per the IEC in order to reject these ANC criminals who solemnly have no intentions to serve our people. EFF our last hope for jobs and service delivery.

Ward 80 Chairperson (Obakeng Ramabodu)

Contact: 0714189980

Ward 81 Chairperson (Austin Matamela)

Contact: 0737757597

Ward 58 Secretary (Thapelo Mogale)

Contact: 0736141248

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