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The ANC’s decision not to pursue its probe into the blatant state capture by the Gupta family – with Jacob Zuma’s tacit consent – reveals yet again that the ANC cannot be trusted to fight corruption.

Just like the SOE’s that the Gupta’s now control, the ANC too has been captured – it is a party that puts the interests of a connected few ahead of the best interests of millions of South Africans.

The truth is the people of our beautiful country cannot sit back and wait for the ANC to change so that the situation will improve. The answer from the ANC at their press conference yesterday to this assumption was clear: this will never happen.

Indeed, Jacob Zuma, Gwede Mantashe and Cyril Ramaphosa are happy with the status quo of rampant corruption, high unemployment and deteriorating service delivery. They put the ANC and Jacob Zuma’s friends first and the people of South Africa last so they also can benefit.

The only way now to stop this state capture and to end this rampant corruption that steals opportunities from the 8.9 million jobless South Africans is to punish the ANC at the polls, and vote DA for change that will move South Africa forward again.

If you lend us your vote for 5 years, we will be ruthless in ending this chommie-chommie politics and ensure an honest government. Everyone will have a fair chance under a DA government, and there will be a zero-tolerance approach to corruption.

We will tell those that think they can steal from our people to get out of the business of government from the first day we are elected. We won’t let them interfere or tell us what to do.

It is time to bring about the change we need that puts South Africa first by voting for the DA on 3 August 2016.

Issued by DA

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