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South Africa has an intelligence agency that lacks intelligence.

To have a minister like David Mahlobo who is clueless about intelligence, puts our country in danger.

COPE demands that President Jacob Zuma fires Mahlobo because he is failing in the performance of his duty as the minister of intelligence.
It is expected that the minister of Intelligence briefs the president of the country on a daily basis about the state of the country pertaining the state of the national security.
He wants to tell us that his department knew all along about the Tshwane violence and who is behind it but they didn’t do anything. If he says he knew, therefore it means that Zuma also knew.

Cope says Mahlobo and Zuma should have acted before the crime was committed and arrested the perpetrators before they got too far with the wanton destruction.
Why did the state wait for such big damage to occur? What we are now hearing from the minister is just plain nonsense.

South Africa cannot afford Mahlobo as the minister. We cannot have a repetition of such obstruction and such destruction.

Zuma must fire him immediately. The ANC must always remember that agencies such as intelligence and law enforcement cannot be led by cadres. Professionals must be entrusted with jobs in these agencies.

The ruling party must also stop blaming the oppositions each time it is faced with a problem of its own making, its own incompetence and its own neglect.
The ANC is now disregarding its own Tshwane members. However when they needed to fill Atteridgeville and FNB stadiums, they courted them.

Issued by COPE

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