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ANC emboldened by successes recorded in SA Cities Network Report

The ANC welcomes the release of the State of SA Cities 2016 report released by the SA Cities Network on Wednesday, 23 June 2016. Released on the eve of South Africa’s fourth democratic elections, the report provides an insightful perspective on the performance of South Africa’s largest cities and progress in the delivery of basic services. As we intensify our efforts to mobilise the masses of our people to vote ANC in the upcoming local government elections on August 3, we are emboldened by the report of the work the ANC government has done to improve the quality of life for our citizens. We remain committed to build on the progress of the past 15 years and to re-double our efforts towards a better life for all.

The Report highlights the many achievements that have transformed the country’s urban landscape from apartheid construction to democratic spaces which all citizens are free to interact. It is further indication of the progress we have made in deconstructing the apartheid city and improving service delivery. Whilst the City of Johannesburg is the country’s leading city in the provision of basic services, the City of Cape Town is the only city in South Africa where the proportion of people living in informal areas has increased over the past five years. While Ekurhuleni boasts the country’s highest percentage of households with access to sanitation, delivery of water in Cape Town has remained stagnant over the last 5 years. These are but some of the many strides we have recorded improving the lives of our people in our largest cities. The mask that has been carefully placed over the inequality that characterises Cape Town is lifted. The ANC will work tirelessly to win Cape Town so our people living in that metro are liberated from the bondage of the structural racism and residual apartheid spatial planning that continues to define that City.

The ANC has always appreciated that cities drive the world’s economy and thus can ignite or retard growth through their policies and actions. Our metros and large cities remain economic centers with growth rates that are generally higher than that of the country. The ANC government has already and will continue to take steps that ensure our cities improve their efficiencies to function optimally.

Issued by ANC

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