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Congress of the People is shocked that ANC MPs and ANC Ministers have forgotten their history as well as their historic mission and given Hlaudi Motsoeneng free reign to destroy the SABC. Shame on all of them! Thank heavens that what is being done is not in our name. The names of all those who now serve in the ANC caucus must hang forever in the hall of infamy.

Hlaudi Motsoeneng should have been suspended by court order remains in office courtesy of the constitution-tramping-ANC.

Instead, he has senselessly suspended three senior SABC staff. It is an extremely toxic atmosphere in which SABC journalists are working.

The democratic autocracy of the ANC is busy destroying democracy and the public broadcaster as well.
The fact that ANC supporters and voters are saying nothing about all of this makes them complicit too. We wonder what the once vociferous Julie Killian has to say in her newly borrowed robes.

Motsoeneng ordered the suspension of the three journalists because they voiced their concern and disagreement over the SABC not to covering a Right2know protest which took place outside the SABC building on Monday.

Hlaudi Motsoeneng and the ANC have no concern about pain and stress that they are inflicting on all those who employed by the SABC. We know from inside information that many of them are severely traumatized. The working conditions at the SABC, for black and white employees, have become the worst ever since the dawn of democracy. Very likely, they are worse than they were under PW Botha and the Nats. Political interference, with the full blessing of the ANC, is now the order of the day.

Let all of us raise our voices in support of the suspended journalists. Let all freedom cherishing South Africans suspend paying their TV licences and demand that Hlaudi Motsoeneng be fired before we agree to start paying again. The ANC will chicken out under immense public pressure.

Issued by COPE 

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  1. Cope have run out of opposing ideas it’s a shame


  2. I do not want to pay my TV licence – how can I pay an institution that does not keep their en d of the agreement to provide me with a balanced service!



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