EFFThe EFF welcomes the resignation of the Gupta appointee Brain Molefe as CEO of Eskom. The EFF welcomes this as a step forward in cleansing state institutions of all who are linked to the Zupta criminal syndicate. In the same breath, we call on the board of Eskom to also take Molefe’s example and resign to save parliament the energy and time of having to do it itself. Suffice to say, if they do not, EFF will make sure that parliament dissolves them as soon as possible.

During his tenure is CEO, Molefe had the audacity to lie to parliament when asked about his relations with the Gupta family, specifically stating that he has never been to their home, when in reality he did. The Eskom board on the other hand, is an illigitimate board that should follow its mythomaniac CEO by immediately resigning so that a new board can be appointed that will further the collective interests of the country and not those of narrow gangsters like Zuma and the Guptas.


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  1. Tania, you are not alone. This has happened to me too. Most recently with my Star Wars cookies that had a navy baungrockd. The only solution I have been able to find is to use less icing. Since icing will darken over time, you can try making it the night be for with less coloring. Also, if you are making black, you can try starting with chocolate icing so that you will need less coloring. Hope this helps!


  2. So, after Rio goes into sculpture, Wintermute does poetry?It's better than some of the poetry I've written. So, uh, either that means the spambots are passing the Turing test, or I'm failing it. :-/



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