Open Letter to NW Premier, please resign- North West Business Forum

north-west-business-forumThe people of the North West, led by the North West Business Forum, in collaboration with all progressive forces in the province are calling on you to resign from your position as premier with immediate effect.

We are jointly demanding that you step aside for generally failing to properly lead the province and most significantly for promoting and perpetuating corruption.

The call for your resignation is also informed by the following:

*You are an accident of our history and many in the ANC, SACP, COSATU and SANCO agree with us that your invitation to lead has expired. Three of the four ANC Regional Executive Committees you have disbanded rendering the province politically insolvent.

*You have dismally failed to honor your oath of office.

*Under your leadership, the province has recorded the highest unemployment rate of 43,2% alongside the Eastern Cape.

*Irregular, unauthorized, fruitless and wasteful expenditure in NW are highest compared to other provinces according to the 2015/16 Auditor General’s report.

*Your administration is riddled with corruption and you take the lead in looting your own government.

*Your unexplained wealth since assuming office, making you the richest premier despite serving for only three years, is accumulated through proceeds of crime and corruption.

*You have purged well qualified and experienced senior administrators, especially departmental HOD’s, replacing them with junior ‘acting’ incumbents who are inclined to take your irregular and unlawful instructions without any resistance.

*You placed key departments under administration in order to optimize your access to their resources with much ease.

These departments have the biggest budgets and they are key to service delivery but to you that is not priority.

*You have failed to uphold and promote good corporate governance and your disregard for due process particularly in procurement is reflective of your incapacity to lead.

*Rampant corruption under your watch is stifling development and your factional style of leadership has caused many local professionals to flee to other provinces such as Gauteng, where they ply their trade with much excellence, contributing positively to the growth of their economies. You are the direct cause of brain drain suffered by our province.

*Since your inception, the state of the province has deteriorated, the roads infrastructure is appalling, the limited opportunities available, you have preserved for yourself and your known cronies.

*The economic climate is unfavorable with government being the sole provider of jobs.

*Water supply to most communities is a serious challenge.

*You are uninspiring and repellant to investment due to your wickedness and reckless policy pronouncements.

You rule by fear, intimidation and victimization. People of the North West have lost confidence in and respect for you as a leader.

*You are a despot, a tyrant and a dictator… and your obsession with power and status have become a danger to yourself. You are your own worst enemy.

*You lack character, honour and integrity and you have been exposed as a heartless, selfish, egocentric, greedy person.

*Your personality and character go against the model of a true ANC leader.

*Your style of leadership contradicts the values of leadership espoused in the constitution of the ANC.

*You have brought nothing else but disunity and factionalism to the provincial and national structures of the ANC.

*You have bought your way to the top and you continue to use money to divide and destroy the ANC.

*You rely on rented vigilantes whom you buy liquor and ‘nyaope’ to infuse into using violence to attack those who do not agree with you.

*You inherited a thriving North West full of possibilities but all that has waned due to your meddling with government procurement processes.

*If it is true, as many believe, that you masterminded the murders of your nemesis, Moss Phakoe and Wandile Bozwana, then your weak conscience is failing you, hence your troubled soul. We hope not.

*You have become an enemy of the people and the ANC is fast losing ground, having dropped by 15% in electoral support, the highest of all provinces and above the national average.

*Historical despots like you, and such as Oupa Gcozo, Lucas Mangope, Mabutu Seseseko, Batista, Idi Amin, Obiang Ngwem, etc. were removed by the by civil. Beware of February 14…!!!!

“Run Mahumapelo Run..!!!”

Issued by the North West Business Forum

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