McBideMcBride denies assaulting daughter

Independent Police Investigative Directorate head Robert McBride has denied assaulting his daughter and has said he had only “admonished” her for her behaviour.

“I admit that I admonished one of my daughters‚ whom I love very much. She is my daughter from a previous relationship and I obtained custody of her a few years ago as I realised that she was being neglected.

“Lately‚ I became concerned that her marks at school had dropped substantially and her behaviour was somewhat rebellious. That was my reason for admonishing her‚” McBride said in a statement.

The statement was released after reports that he assaulted his daughter last Sunday.

In an interview with the Sunday Times‚ the girl claimed McBride threatened her life after throttling her and punching her in the face.

“He looked directly at me‚ saying that he wasn’t finished with me. He told me he would kill me‚” the 15-year-old was quoted as saying.

McBride has denied that he assaulted the girl‚ saying it was not possible for him to drive and assault her.

“My daughter was seated directly behind me in the car‚ it would have been impossible for me to drive and ‘assault’ and ‘throttle’ her at the same time.

“I deny that I assaulted her and that she had any injuries when I left her at home‚” McBride said.

He said he had found a letter his daughter had written which suggested a possible “experimentation with drugs”.

“I expressed concern about all this as it could possibly explain the recent change in personality. I would like to get help for my daughter so that she can get back to her former bubbly self. I would do anything for my daughter‚ she means everything to me.”

McBride said the incident was a “normal family disagreement” which has been turned into a “public spectacle” to get at him.

“I have noticed that other people‚ including those investigated by the Independent Police Investigating Directorate (IPID)‚ have inveigled themselves into my family matters and have no concern for the well-being of my children – only for their own scores to settle with me‚ which is why the story has seemed newsworthy…”

By Nomahlubi Jordaan


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