When the pioneers of state capture sell you VOTES say No, we know who they are, they are corrupt to the core – Gwede Mantashe

gwedeSelling your vote will haunt you, Mantashe warns ANC delegates

Addressing Western Cape delegates headed to the party’s December conference, ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe said state capture was real and that party members could no longer be in denial about it.

Mantashe was speaking at the Western Cape provincial general council where parties are expected to consolidate the nominations of 182 branches which will send delegates to the conference.
“The ANC  must be committed to ensuring that those implicated in corruption are held accountable for the ANC to be taken seriously.
“The processes in parliament are necessary process to get to the bottom of the truth, and what we do at the end is a different matter. But the process is quite important because it avoids witch hunting,” said Mantashe.
He also took the opportunity to warn delegates against the buying of their votes. He admitted that there were previously cases where votes were sold to the “highest bidder”.
Mantashe warned members to be cautious when electing delegates to represent the provinces. He emphasised the importance of consciousness in members and delegates.
“Members of the ANC must appreciate the fact that the ANC cannot be sold to the highest bidder, it is not an auction. Sometimes we use conferences as auctions, to auction the ANC.
We must know that the future of the ANC is in the consciousness of members of the ANC. It is dangerous to sell the ANC. If you sell the ANC now, you will sit with that crisis for the next five years. That R3000 or R4000 you were offered will haunt you for five years,” he said.  
He said ANC, especially in the province must learn to stop fighting with one another and unite.
“You hate each other with a passion, as long as you do that, you are not going to recover. You will undercut each other all the time” he added.
The Western Cape ANC’s journey to concluding BGMs has been embroiled by suspensions and factionalism.
The province was previously known as one of the larges in provincial branches, now it has assumed the status of the smallest which was previously held by Northern Cape.
There is currently a faction in the province that want the removal of provincial secretary Faiez Jacobs and acting chairperson Khaya Mgaxa ahead of the party’s national conference.
He cautioned that there will be difference in opinions and preferences of leadership, which must not divide members but encourage them to engage one another.
“This thing of treating those with different preferences like enemies shows how low our consciousness has gone. This thing of treating comrades with different opinions as enemies show how low our consciousness is,” he said.
He admitted that the organisation was facing a number of crisis, including the bad image associated with it. He said the party was associated with corruption, looting and nepotism, and urged members to change the perception assumed by the party.
“There is a perception that everyone who is facilitated by the ANC should has connections with people in powerful positions. That is the challenge of the ANC,”he added.
“As we nominate leaders we must know that society must see us as being seen to put an effort to correct that reputation, that is what should inform our decisions in nominating leadership,” he said.
He said those who will be looting the state, they must know that they do not steal from the government but from the poor.
The province will know by the end of today whom their branches prefer as their national candidate. However, insiders have indicated that most branches in the province prefer deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa hopeful.
Political Bureau

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