The African middle class is the biggest problem. They elect incompetent people to lead them then complain later but not willing to step in – Shumani Cele

Shumani Cele

If the economy collapses they all leave and find jobs in other countries cos they are about personal security and not about building a country for their future generations. They leave the peasants to suffer and rebuild then come back to claim jobs when all is well.

When we talk about expropriation of land without compensation they ask how will it work? Who is supposed to answer you? The same incompetent people you elected to government?

These middle class are people who either own business or work for businesses and provide direction for businesses but when it comes to their country all they do is whine.

So if there is a project in their businesses they don’t understand or have no knowledge of or have no knowledge of its execution, they do research and provide recommendations, but for their country they are not willing to put extra hours to do research and recommendations.

The middle class needs to rise above the pettiness and provide this country with direction or else shut-up and listen to those they are seeking direction from.

Simply saying “I don’t know” is not acceptable from mainly the educated. Do your bit for your country and fail while trying instead of being a full time whiner.

This laziness must fall. Tell us how Land should be expropriated and how it should be utilized. This is not a black and white issue but minority vs majority.
Majority must benefit from the land they reside in.

Give us ideas how to achieve that…


By Shumani Cele

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