DA government in Western Cape practicing race based resource allocation – Court Rules

Distribution of police across Western Cape is discriminatory 

Judge MJ Dolamo of the Cape High Court (sitting as the Equality Court) has declared that the allocation of police resources in the Western Cape unfairly discriminates on the basis of race and poverty. The ruling came on Friday morning, and is a victory for the Khayelitsha-based social movement Social Justice Coalition (SJC).

The case, brought by the SJC, Equal Education and the Nyanga Community Policing Forum, was heard from November 2017 through to February 2018. The remedy and costs will be decided at a later date.


4 thoughts on “DA government in Western Cape practicing race based resource allocation – Court Rules”

  1. This anonymously post is deliberately misleading in that it claims that:

    “DA government in Western Cape practicing race based resource allocation – Court Rules”

    In the first instance the allocation of police officers is not determined by the Provincial Government but by the SAPS. For years the Provincial Government has begged and pleaded with SAPS to allocate the correct number of members to these severely under resourced police stations that suffer a member to citizen ratio way below the national average. It has only been under Ramaphosa that SAPS have started making some noises about doing so implying that starving the W Cape of police officers was a deliberate Zuma policy.

    Secondly: The court ruling makes no mention of the DA as they were not the respondents in this case as the complainants (and the courts) know that the allocation of SAPS resources is the purvey of SAPS and not provincial governments.

    Thirdly: The post is anonymous and is written to imply that TimesLive has pointed the finger at the DA whereas the TimesLive page does not make any mention of the DA.


    Please edit or delete this deliberately misleading article.


  2. I always find it interesting when people leave comments that do not speak to the fundamental issues and rather become armchair political experts, particularly about the ANC. Fact of the matter is that there is Apartheid style of governance in the Western Cape ruled by the DA as evidenced by the discriminatory distribution of police in the Province, as confirmed by the court ruling. National Government (ANC) merely makes the resources available to the province as per submission by the provincial government (DA). It is then the responsibility of the provincial government (DA) to allocate the state resources to areas and communities that needs them. Now the DA has been called out on their Apartheid tendencies and this some how becomes the fault of the ANC!. Meanwhile people in places like Nyanga, Khayelitsha, Gugulethu, Langa, etc. continue to suffer while others take a nice safe jog on the shores of Camps Bay and Sea Point. This is the pain that movements like Social Justice Coalition (SJC) and Nyanga Community Policing Forum have identified and exercised their constitutional right and held the provincial government (DA) accountable through legal means. That’s the long and short of it.


  3. The author of this post is compelled to edit or delete what is clearly a deliberately misleading headline.

    First Respondent: Minister of Police (ANC Cadre Bheki Cele)

    Second Respondent: National Police Commissioner (a career SAPS officer)

    Third Respondent: Lieutenant General Khombinkosi Jula (a career SAPS officer)

    Fourth Respondent: Min Community Safety (the plaintiffs specifically DID NOT SEEK RELIEF from the fourth applicant as they did not see the MEC as the obstacle to the equitable deployment of SAPS resources in the W Cape – (see para 9 of the judgement)

    Click to access Social-Justice-Coalition-2-Others-v-Minister-of-Police-3-Others-Womens-Legal-Centre-Trust.pdf


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