Looking ahead to the new year of 2019, the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania declares the new twelve month calendar period as the year of the Resurrection of Azania.

The rejuvenation of the great civilization of the African people on the southernmost extremity of the continent in precolonial and ancient times, as recorded by progressive historians, is an act of acknowledging our claim to collective ownership of the land, its mineral and human resources.

The Azanian Civilisation is a great contribution to the humanization of the world culture, economy, trade and politics. Its scientific evidence is in the undisputed discoveries of Phalaborwa, Mapungubwe, the cradle of humankind, Maluti, Lowe, Ulundi, and many other national heritage sites and symbols.

We in the PAC will deliberately look back, to understand where we come from and where we are, in order to share a common vision of where we are going. Azania for us is the land of peace and plenty. It is one Azania, one nation, one people.

2019 is also an election year. The PAC will go full steam from the first quarter of the year to contest for a significant victory in the national assembly and the nine provincial legislatures. We will go to every citizen, house to house, in every square inch of the land. Our leadership, our cadres, and broad membership will canvass support fairly and squarely for the PAC. They will do so in the name and memory of Mzwakhe Lembede, AP Mda, Robert Sobukwe, Zephania Mothopeng, Peter Raboroko, John Pokela, Barney Desai, Nomvo Booi, Sabelo Phama, Thami Zani, Gora Ebrahim, Mfanasekhaya Gqobose, Maphiri Masekela, David Sibeko, Vusi Make and many other valiant patriots.

The Africanists are a tried and tested movement of freedom fighters. We have surpassed the cauldron of struggle over a sixty year period. We are pace setters. The PAC was founded in April 1959 in Orlando, Soweto. 2019 is the year when we reinvent ourselves into a forward looking political party of the people. We are stronger than before.

The resurrection of Azania means an experience to be born anew, similar to the biblical Easter. To regroup and rededicate ourselves as a sovereign nation-state that is able to resolve its problems and challenges.

The future is bright. The citizens suffered but the future is in their hands. The future of the Azanian people is bright.

2019 – The Year of Azania.



Pan Africanist Congress of Azania

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