Hate him or love him, one thing we can agree on is that Julius Malema is the man of the moment – Sefu Sekgala

Julius Malema birthday notes by Sefu Sekgala

Malema is one of the politicians you can consider self-made, he has always gone against the tide and mostly against the values of some of the ANC leaders. He has charted a road never existed and created a kingdom in a village were there was no one.

Born to lead.

Radical to the core, when Julius Malema entered mainstream politics in 2008, he was welcomed by stinky bums of ANC youth members in an ANC YL conference that will never be forgotten. Malema’s election was challenged even after he was successfully elected the ANC YL President. The heavens couldn’t have any of it, Malema had to come in, South Africa had no choice but have Julius Malema within its body politics.

These events did not only signify Malema’s victory, but they guaranteed Fikile Mbalula’s mention in history books. While Fikile Mbalula’s star has been eroded by corruption in ANC and by the fact that ANC leaders are fearful of young leaders, Mbalula has secured his mention in history books, Mbalula’s name will always be mentioned as historians interrogates the contribution of Julius Malema in the democratic South Africa and the World.

When Malema declared War against former President Thabo Mbeki, my take was that he was finished, and he will be buried at the graveyard of history.

I thought so because I knew that former President Thabo Mbeki was excellent at his job, he was simply the best, anyone who went against him I truly believed that the gods of our liberation struggle would haunt him.

Jacob Zuma is still haunted even today, he faces a bleak future as he may go to prison at his old age.

Zuma’s Presidency was a crises presidency. During his presidency I penned two major articles about his Presidency, the first one’s tittle was “The Intern President”, the second one was “ANC rotting from the head down”. These two tittles signify the crisis mode of Jacob Zuma’s Presidency, only because he called former President Thabo Mbeki a dead snake, the gods of our liberation struggle went out to squash him, look at him now, all thin and bones.

Malema repentant very quickly and smoothly apologised to the former President Thabo Mbeki, Thabo Mbeki is the greatest human alive, ignoring that will bring one all sort of challenges. Julius Malema recognised this.

Malema regretted his declaration to Kill for former President Jacob Zuma, who now holds the tittle of the worst President is our democracy.

You must give it to Julius Malema, he is a fast learner. He moves very fast. He is speedy.

Compare Julius Malema who was ANC YL President and the one who is EFF President today.

ANC YL president was heavily overweight, abusive of alcohol, single and with only a matric certificate.

Today you have an EFF President who looks handsome, clean, drinks water only, currently completing his master’s degree and married, think about that. Keep this in mind.

During the 2019 SONA, President Ramaphosa called Malema a decent man, however in 2012 Ramaphosa expelled Julius Malema in a move to throw him in the dustbin of history.

The rise of Julius Malema back into our mainstream politics was simply meticulous, ANC can squash such moves easily, but this time they could not add one and one, they saw RED.

A fearless leader.

Under the leadership of Julius Malema parliament was upgraded from one star to five start. The public interest in parliament sky rocketed. They also managed to save South Africa from Msholozi.

It must be noted that during the Presidency of Lulu Johnson and Malusi Gigaba South Africa was always worried about its less interested youth in both the economy and the politics. It is Julius Malema who ended these decisively.

It is Julius Malema who inspired the youth to push for the removal of statues of our former masters. He revved up the student community to demand free education successfully.

An average young person in SA is very active in fighting for their rights, all thanks to the leadership of Julius Malema.

All attempts to destroy him failed.

Personally, am truly amazed by this 38-year-old who has managed to capture the entire world. All media in the world has at some point mentioned Julius Malema.

I personally believe that Julius Malema is greater in stature than Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, whom I all consider the greatest leaders of all times. Julius Malema is incomparable.

A man who has manged to bring complete transformation in his personal life within a period of 5 years. How miraculous. Imagine what type of transformation he would bring to South Africa given a chance.

I believe if Julius Malema was given a chance to lead South Africa, South Africa will completely be transformed by the time he steps down. The word poverty will be a distant memory.

You will find both White and Black mine workers underground working side to side. You will find White and Black domestic workers working side by side.

The economy will be pumping all cylinders and all talent in South Africa will be empowered to blossom.

I was once asked by a friend why I like Julius Malema so much. I had to confess that it is totally out of fear. It is because of the What ifs I could not answer.

I have always wondered what if Julius Malema is the Son of God sent to liberate black people from the shackles of economic discrimination. What if?

Jacob Zuma once said, ANC will rule until Jesus come, could that be Julius?

I’m simply consumed by that fear. I have never seen a man who transformed so rapidly every area of his life as if he is giving Men a practical demonstration of the power of GOD.

A practical demonstration of a miracle.

No opposition party has grown so rapidly in South Africa, it has never happened.

What if? What if Julius Malema is Son of God?

Though there has been attempts to pin corrupt activities on EFF and Julius Malema, all that at some point came to be false. It is only EFF which is squeaky clean.

All other political parties either have complexities of corruption or racism.

Think about it, Julius Malema’s leadership of EFF has diverted civil unrest in South Africa, it will never happen as predicted by both Zwelinzima Vavi and Moeletsi Mbeki. It has completely been diverted.

Young people today, inspired by Julius Malema believe that they can stand for themselves and they can fight their own battles.

In any case Julius Malema has proven that you can rise against oppression by your own people, equally so by your enemies.

How do you not support Julius Malema? Unless your humanly software has been corrupted.

What a leader.

What a fine young man.

What an inspiration.

What a perfect model for human conduct.

What a ruler for humanity.

What a soul.

What a spirit.

What a magnificent bunch of flesh and bones.

What a leader.

Happy birthday Juju.

Penned: Sefu Sekgala

8 thoughts on “Hate him or love him, one thing we can agree on is that Julius Malema is the man of the moment – Sefu Sekgala”

    1. The young man is simply not an ordinary politician, he stand well above the rest. As you laments one of his biggest contribution is to take control of the youth, otherwise hell could have already broken loose taking into account the previous 9 yeara of poltical shinanegans.


  1. I’m so touched by ur article my brother if black people dnt see that God as send us malema to liberate black peoples mind and the way of thinking let them continue to vote corruption julius malema is the only answer!!


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