The Hunt for Julius and Floyd, find them at any cost, dead or alive – SEFU SEKGALA

Sefu Sekgala defends the  great-grandchildren of Sekhukhune, Hintsa ka Khawuta and Shaka Zulu.

In response to Eusebius Mckaiser and Pauli van Wyk’s attack on the revolutionary movement.

Those who are fearful of the persistent growth of the EFF have concluded that, the EFF is Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu. They have otherwise concluded that if you can consistently tackle Floyd and Julius and throw mud at them and if some of it sticks then you are done with EFF.

Pauli van Wyk repeated an article which she wrote a while ago wrapped around Julius Malema’s so called credit card, she convinced everyone that Julius was corrupt and used the same narrative she has used with the article about Floyd. She claims that this new information is ground-breaking because SARS is in the mix.

Pauli van Wyk in my understanding is supposed to be an investigative journalist.  But she is mainly a desktop journalist.

Why are these type of people against the EFF? You would be fooled to think that the attack is aimed at Julius and Floyd, no it is not. The attack is on Black young leaders in South Africa in general and EFF in particular.

These individuals have sleepless nights at the prospects of EFF’s electoral victory. Who are they to succeed without our help? To them a Black person’s success is only clean and legitimate if they had a hand in it. But again, imagine the long-term effects of a successful EFF, it could send a message to the rest of the young Black leaders that they can do it. It will remain a constant reminder that a Black child is capable of succeeding where his Daddy and Mommy failed. Those who are still generally scared of Black people can never get themselves to imagine that.

Pauli Van Wyk’s article is empty and full of rumour mongering and insinuations. Even if it could finally be proven that Floyd received money from VBS, but Pauli has not provided any information to that effect. It seems like someone who simply need to get the NPA to look at Floyd, without providing any tangible proof of the claims she makes. She wrote the same article about Julius Malema a while ago referencing the same restaurants and companies she is referring to in this new article.

She took the same text she wrapped around Julius and simply wrapped it around Floyd.

Even if it can be proven that Brian did send money to Floyd, does that proof corruption? Maybe only if it can be proven that the account the money was received from only had income from VBS or the amount Floyd received exceeded all other deposits from other sources other than VBS.

Let me make it clear that I cannot defend either Julius or Floyd’s personal matters, it is the clear witch hunt am against. People scraping around to find something, anything that would incriminate the President and the Deputy President of EFF. Their motor is that if you can somehow manage to cut off the head, then, the EFF is done.

This is, however, not Pauli’s first attempt to try and manufacture events that may make NPA curious, she tried without success in the past.

Even this time she has not produced a shred of evidence.

I am however disappointed that Eusebius Mckaiser seem to believe in this repeated propaganda. Pauli has repeated this misinformation so much that, even someone as woke as Eusebius Mckaiser is now believing her.

But my real disappointment with Eusebius Mckaiser is that he makes this wild accusation that the entire EFF leadership is corrupt. He makes this claim only based on Pauli’s vindictive misinformation. Floyd has not been charged for corruption, he has not been convicted of any corruption, but Eusebius Mckaiser claims that the entire EFF and its leadership is as corrupts as the ANC.

The EFF has not been implicated in the state capture commission or even the VBS report.

Even if SARS can find that Floyd owed tax, that cannot in any way be equated to corruption.

Let us say Floyd was convicted of corruption, does that really make EFF leadership corrupt? I guess not, that is unless they support him even after conviction.

The labelling of EFF as corrupt is giving untested allegation credence. There are people waiting for EFF leadership to slip so that they can finish off EFF.

If tomorrow both Julius and Floyd are charged and convicted of corruption does that mean the EFF is corrupt? I say no. It depends on what the EFF would do after such events. For EFF to be corrupt there must be a culture of systematic corruption in the EFF like we have seen it in the ANC.

Pauli van Wyk must investigate what the President is hiding in those sealed documents in Pretoria high court.

The reason why the likes of Pauli are so anti EFF is because they are uncomfortable with the idea of an independent and successful young Black person who succeeded without any assistance from white people.

We appreciate the affirmation from the EFF that as Blacks we matter. We appreciate the encouragement from the EFF that as Blacks we must hold ourselves to the highest of standards. We appreciate the massage from the EFF that we must take our position in the world unapologetically.

EFF succeeded where Cope failed, EFF Succeeded where UDM failed, EFF succeeded where AZAPO failed, EFF succeeded where PAC failed, EFF succeeded where IFP failed, EFF succeeded.

The EFF is the most robust political force since the advent of our democracy.

Why hate on Black excellence, we are waiting for EFF to defeat DA as official opposition so that we can hit the WMC were it hurts most.

The EFF has fought battles against racism, they fought battles against the oppression of our workers, they have fought to rid South Africa of corruption. The EFF has revived the hopeless and the battered Black child.

The EFF leaders are not meant to be perfect; they are meant to be revolutionary.

Untested allegations are meant to drive a propaganda that would only hold water in the court of public opinion and not in a court of law.

In the main, it is those who have manufactured this misinformation who have come to believe it. To feed their own ego and to have something to bash the EFF with, the DESKTOP investigative journos have created content that would serve the agenda of their masters.

People like Pauli van Wyk are not journalists they are politicians.

I wish EFF all the best in the upcoming local elections.

  • Sefu Sekgala

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